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We offer curriculum designed to incorporate Spokane Tribal Lifeways with education standards for grades K-12.


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Project background

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Project Mission

Our curriculum teams are creating Spokane Tribal specific history, science, and leadership curriculum that is more engaging, meaningful and relevant to the students. Our team recognizes the challenges inherent in teaching, the practical application of state standards, and are able to develop a curriculum that is experiential and immersive in nature. It is through a mutual understanding and collaboration that the teams maintain alignment with: the common core standards, state standards, grade level expectations, and built-in content-based assessments.

Our curriculum teams are comprised of community members, teachers, administrators, board members, tribal leaders, tribal departments, and other key stake holders. This consortium is supported at all levels which allows us to focus on school improvement, and increase student engagement in their own education.

Our curriculum lessons often consist of tribal members as guest speakers, co-teaching with instructors. The base of the lesson is grounded in the background knowledge, which is both historical and cultural in nature. Teachers then utilize basic "land based learning" techniques to strengthen student inquiry, reflection, and independence by activating prior knowledge. Advanced thinking routines and cooperative learning are highly encouraged and built in as enrichments to our lessons.

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    Tribal culture flourishes on mutual compassion and empathy. It is our goal to teach each student how to put one another first in their daily walk with each other.

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    Respect Traditions

    We strive to equip the next generation of students with the ability to honor their ancestors and keep our traditions alive in the classroom and at home.

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    Become an Active Learner

    Education is the foundation for a lifetime's worth of success. We want every student to enjoy the process of learning and connect with their lessons in a personal way.

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    Be Resilient

    Students will find confidence in their ability to overcome obstacles and adapt to life's challenges as they grow.