5th Grade – Unit 2 – Lesson 3 of 3

5th Grade – Unit 2 – Lesson 3 of 3

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Understand the impact of the U.S. Government on the Spokane Tribe


Experience the process of an Allotment – Discuss the effects of this process

Spokane Tribal Values





Indian Agent

Lesson Plan

Mock allotment

(Actual Happened in 1908-1912)

Use a different language to explain the process of allotment. The teacher will translate in English. This is a hook for students to experience what it was like to sit in the room, not know what is happening, not understand the directions, and be expected to act   – Transcript attached for the teacher and guest to read from for this activity.

One Student will stand up at a time – the standing would represent that person wanting land in the allotment. Land was not just awarded. There will be a discussion as to if this person “deserved” land.  A “yes” or “no” would be discussed and decided. During the discussion – there would be no kind of order, people would talk and say his/her peace for or against the one wanting land. **Curriculum team should find out how many acres were awarded***

When everyone has had a turn, any land that was not allotted would become opened up to non-Indian settlement. There are articles on the archives about settlers waiting on the other side of the river to get land after the allotment. We need to contact someone in the newspaper archives to get one of these articles or pictures.

**Be ready for the negative feelings and sensitivity of this matter. Have a counselor or mentor ready to support students if needed.

When the mock allotment is over, the teacher and students should discuss the process.

What was it like? How did it feel? How was it decided if someone should get land and how does it compare to how we process through decisions nowadays? Was this process effective then? Would it be now?

Discuss the impact of allotments on Spokane Tribe. (What were the impacts?) Review documents outlining the allotments. (Reports and articles, from Warren)

Discuss the impact of allotments for today’s tribal members.

What do we see now of the allotments? Are our families still using these lands? If so, how? If not, why?

The teacher should post the original allotment map. It outlines the original allotments given. Discuss what students see, are there any questions or wonderings?




  • Debrief will be used as assessment. Class discussion.


Materials Needed:

Document from Wilson about Tshimikin  – warren

Documents of allotments – James

Map of allotment lands


Students should write a reflection the reflection should also include their feeling and thoughts about the allotment act – process of getting land – impacts on families and the tribe since the allotment took place.


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Warren Seyler – DNR Spokane Tribe

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Social Studies – Economics (2.3.1 )


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