9-12 Grade Civics

9-12 Grade Civics

Grade Level:

9, 10, 11, 12

Scope & Sequence:



Students understand their influence on Tribal/Local government.


Spokane Tribal Values

Tribal council


General council

Lesson Plan

Guiding Question:

Where does the information come from that influences your vote?

Briefly review the background information from previous lesson.

Teacher poses a few current issues, gives unbiased background information and calls for a public vote. (General Council style – hand raised – no discussion) **Can be Federal, State, or Tribal issues.

Teacher breaks students into three randomly selected groups and allows for discussion around the topic. (Teacher explains this discussion is similar to what happens in a General Council discussion – before the actual vote)

Brief discussion:

Teacher calls for a ballot vote. (The topics and ballot are attached) – **Could be used as an online survey** **Teacher note: Voting can be done in any order (Public first, or Ballot first) The discussion is the main point.

Discussion: How did the numbers change in the vote? Why did they change? What influenced the change in vote?

Where does the information come from that influences your


Teacher closes discussion with a look at the last page of the Constitution referendum and amendments. Showing the class that the vote has a direct impact on the Spokane Tribal Membership and Spokane Tribal Constitution.


  • Exit ticket: “Tips for making an informed vote” *Students will write 3 or more tips for casting an informed vote.


What would you suggest for issues to be voted on in future? School, Tribal, State, National?

Materials Needed:

Mock ballot

Political Advertisements

Class set of Spokane Tribal Constitution


Verbal vote, ballot vote and discussion.
If students are reluctant to discuss: Use this writing activity to provide self-reflection.

**The activity is attached.

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Common Core Standards

Spokane Tribal Standards