Civics Unit 0-3

Civics Unit 0-3

Grade Level:

9, 10, 11, 12

Scope & Sequence:



Students understand the aspects of traditional tribal leadership and how it has changed due to European influences and interference.


Students will UNDERSTAND/IDENTIFY/DESCRIBE how the Spokane tribal leadership was traditionally organized prior to the Executive Order of 1881.

Spokane Tribal Values

STOI Connection:

  • Tribal leadership
  • Tribal Government
  • Political Autonomy/Sovereignty
  • Tribal society – Pre contact

Spokane Tribal Values

  • Family
  • Generosity
  • Spirituality
  • Community


  • Head chief – Ill-me-hoom ʔilmixʷm
  • Self = Tribe – Snk̓ ʷelịxʷ
  • Sovereignty
  • Autonomy
  • Jurisdiction

Lesson Plan

The teacher will:

  • Introduce vocabulary and definitions – Salish terms – breakdown of the meaning of the Salish word
  • Teacher tells a story of Three Mountain, Chief LOT, Chief Enoch, and Spokane Garry’s name – Orally
  • After the story, teacher and students discuss how the qualities of the man were instrumental in receiving his name.
  • Pass out an excerpt (pg. 81-86 – John Ross book The Spokane Indians)
  • Teacher and students discuss how the leader’s qualities were instrumental in receiving the leadership role.


  • Formative Assessment: Concept maps to show understanding of how the Spokane tribal chieftainship was traditionally organized prior to the Executive Order of 1881.


Conduct interview with current or previous tribal leaders write an article using personal values connecting the information gathered from the interview


Critique primary documents

Materials Needed:

  • Copy of Executive order
  • Early contact documents
  • Salish terms, meaning breakdown


  • Students create a flow chart of structure of becoming a leader.
  • Students create a concept map of various early (pre 1881) Spokane Leaders by researching the personal qualities that made each person selected as a leader.

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Common Core Standards

Spokane Tribal Standards