Civics Unit 0-4

Civics Unit 0-4

Grade Level:

9, 10, 11, 12

Scope & Sequence:



Students understand the aspects of traditional tribal leadership and how it has changed due to European influences and interference.


Students will grasp how the executive order forever the changed the Spokane Tribe, the structure of leadership, government, as well as daily life.

Spokane Tribal Values

  • Tribal leadership
  • Tribal Government
  • Political Autonomy/Sovereignty
  • Tribal society – Pre contact

Spokane Tribal Values

  • Family
  • Generosity
  • Spirituality
  • Community


  • Government/ non tribal societal labels: “Indian problem” Savages, squaws, indian dogs “the only good indian is a dead indian”
  • Assimilation
  • Boarding school
  • Subjugation
  • Reservation
  • Ceded

Lesson Plan

The teacher will:

  • Revisit the learning from previous lesson, remind students of unit Goal: Students understand the aspects of traditional tribal leadership and how it has changed due to European influences and interference.
  • Describe how the Executive Order came to be. A letter from Lot to the Sec. of Interior (1880 – Spokane falls) the letter describes how Lot accepts the reservation proposed by President Hayes.
  • Students and teacher read the Executive Order and discuss the gov’t mandate
    • Chief Lot’s leadership was appointed by the President based on his signature on the letter. (Teacher: NOT based on qualities as thought of in the previous lesson)
    • The Spokane Indian Reservation was deemed “Lot’s reservation” based on the lead he was appointed as well as the school and church he established.

The teacher and students will discuss:

  • What did tribal leadership look like between 1881 and 1951?
  • How did the battle of 1858 change the Spokane Tribal Society? (Teacher: refer to the Executive Order, and 1887 Spokane Falls Council, “peace” treaty after 1858-
  • What is leadership?
  • How did we take the strength we maintained from the changes of 1881 into the 1951 era?


  • Formative Assessment: Concept maps to show understanding of how the Spokane tribal chieftainship was traditionally organized prior to the Executive Order of 1881.


  • Create a map on the split of the tribes after the ex. Order – using the minutes 1887 Spokane Falls Council minutes (Teacher: direct students to last couple days of the meeting)
  • Create a map of the chief’s area of leadership

Materials Needed:

  • Copy of Executive order
  • 1887 Spokane Falls Council minutes (WARREN)
  • Spokane Chronical article (WARREN)
  • Indian Agent Reports (U of I archives)
  • Documents describing Chief Lot’s leadership (Emailed from Melodi)
  • List of Tribal Leaders as it lead into tribal council (Warren has a list from Glenn Galbraith)


Writing (sequence order organization) describing the changes to leadership learned from this lesson, the 1881 Ex. Order, Battle of 1858, and 1887 Spokane Falls Council minutes.

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