Geography, Economics, Civics

Geography, Economics, Civics

Grade Level:


Scope & Sequence:


The students will see that the Spokane Indians had an elaborate economic system in place, long before the White man came into the area.


Students will: Understand that the River and its salmon were an important part of The Spokane Indians way of life; economically and spiritually.

Spokane Tribal Values

• Spokane and Columbia River importance
• Significance of Salmon for the Spokane Indians


  • Economics
  • Kettle Falls
  • surplus
  • Spokane Falls
  • Gambling (Stick game…)
  • Salmon Chief
  • Salmon
  • tributary
  • Trading/Bartering
  • Headwaters
  • Outside trade
  • Spokane House
  • Internal trade
  • petrified wood

Lesson Plan

• Contact The Spokane Tribes Preservation Department 509-__ – ____
• An educational Specialist will bring to the classroom artifacts for the Students to see and touch.



  • K-W-L Chart
  • Power point presentation, demonstrating understanding of the economic system used by the Spokane Indians.


  • Create a hallway display comparing today’s economic system to the Spokane Indians economic system.
  • Field trip to the River to discuss the economic system use by the Spokane Indians.
  • Field trip to Little Falls, Kettle Falls, or Spokane Falls.

Materials Needed:

  • Map showing location for Spokane villages on the river.
  • Pictures of Kettle Falls/Salmon fishing.
  • Pictures of Gambling
  • Outline of Chief and what each one does.
  • P.18-19 The Columbia River (Washington in the Pacific Northwest)
  • P.51 Trade Connections (Washington in the Pacific Northwest)


  • The students will take notes as they listen to and participate in today’s Presentation on the elaborate economic system that was in place long Before the Whiteman came into the area.
  • The students will demonstrate their understanding of the Economics of the Spokane Indians by creating a power point that shows how the production, distribution, and consumption of good, services and resources were used in the Spokane Indians way of life. **Example; Fishing/catching Salmon…trading with plains tribes for buffalo hides.

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Lesson Assigned To:

  • Economics: 2.2.1
  • Geography: 3.1.2, 3.2.2
  • Civics: 1.2.3


Common Core Standards

CCSS. ELA-LITERACY.RH.6-8.7 and RH.6-8.5

Spokane Tribal Standards