5th Grade – Unit 2 – Lesson 2 of ___

5th Grade – Unit 2 – Lesson 2 of ___

Grade Level:


Scope & Sequence:

US History (Pre-Colonial Period to Independence)


Analyze the multiple causes of change and conflict in Spokane Tribal History

This lesson will take 2-3 days.


Analyze the Westward Expansion Era to draw conclusions about multiple events that caused drastic change for the Spokane Tribe.

Spokane Tribal Values

  • Land
  • Economy
  • Religion
  • Language
  • Generosity
  • Respect



  • Economy
  • Religion
  • Generosity
  • Respect


  • Expansion
  • Conquest
  • Assimilation

Lesson Plan

The teacher will:

  • Use facts from Committee to fill in Tree map that describes Events in Westward Expansion and impact/change.
  • Quick review of the Westward Expansion Era
  • Pull the Specific events off the Westward Expansion Era.
  • Post the Blank Template of a Tree Map. Add each event into the Space of the tree map – 1 at a time.
  • Teacher will show pictures, quotes, journal entries of accounts of each event.
  • Lead a class discussion of the impact of each event on the people then as well as for generations today. What has changed? How have the families been impacted? How has the Spokane Tribe been impacted?
  • Review complete Tree map. Students will discuss with a partner or group the impact of the events on the Spokane Tribe. Each group or pair will write a statement or question on sentence strips to add to the base of the Tree map for further discussion.


  • Using a prompted question about the event, students would be able to summarize that event and explain the significant change that occurred.


Students would be place themselves in an event from the lesson and explain the effect of that event.

Materials Needed:

  • Chart paper for Tree map
  • Articles of first-hand accounts – Journals/transcripts from Warren.


  • Class Discussion
  • Partner talk
  • Creation of Tree map

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Community Resources

  • Facts from Velma, James, and Warren on each event in the Westward Expansion Era.
  • Pictures and quotes from the time of each event.
  • Articles to build background knowledge for teacher.

Lesson Assigned To:

  • Unit 2 – Independence GLE 4.3.2


Common Core Standards

  • 5.RI.3
  • 5.RI.6
  • 5.RI.9
  • 5.SL.1.b-d
  • 5.SL.2
  • 5.SL.3

Spokane Tribal Standards