Human Sustainability (Living lightly Fall)

Human Sustainability (Living lightly Fall)

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Scope & Sequence:

Human Sustainability


Create an interactive model to illustrate the relationships among (management of) natural resources, the sustainability of human populations, and biodiversity(Seasonal Round)


Students will understand that the sustainability of human societies (whole ecosystems) and the biodiversity that supports them requires responsible (management of) natural resources.

Spokane Tribal Values

Land and environment








Traditional Ecological Knowledge


Fall –

Processing and drying meat, water potatoes(trading for w/CDA and Kalispel), seasonal gathering

Year round  –

Toolmaking/repairs/maintenance, Moss, Trout, storytelling


Symbiotic Relationships

Lesson Plan

The teacher will:

Show the video about how the wolves being reintroduced to Yellowstone has changed the ecosystem in a positive way. Facilitate a student led conversation about the importance of interdependence. 


Sadie Boyd recording that tells the story about how the men would travel to Montana to hunt Buffalo in the Salish Kootanai territory. Sometimes it would take them a year to make this journey because of the weather changes and the time it took to hunt and process the meat.

 Teacher facilitates a student led conversation about the importance of having land based knowledge so they knew when to travel across the mountains and what paths they should take. Also the importance of knowing how much to take from the hunt in order to keep the balance.

Teacher will ask the students what it means to “keep the balance” and what would happen to that balance if too many were taken. Have students think about examples of this happening right now.


  • Knowledge of fall seasonal round demonstrated using a model of students choosing. Research Project.


Symbiotic Relationships Activity. Field trip to Mt. Spokane

Materials Needed:

Modern Science, Native Knowledge

How wolves changed Yellowstone video



Students will be given a choice board that will display a

Selection of different types of models. They can

Choose to create a web based model, paper model, ect.

That will demonstrate their knowledge of the Fall

Seasonal round.

Research project on all the parts of the animal, how they were used and what they were used for.

Activity that talks about and explains what other animals hunt Buffalo (symbiotic relationship). The plants that the Buffalo survived off of and how those plants could affect the health of the herd. How the act of over hunting would harm the herd and what that would do to the population of Buffalo over time. On the flip side, what happens to the herd if it gets too large and how this shows the interdependence of an ecosystem? How does removing an animal from a system effect the health of the system?

Field trip to Mt Spokane Observational Survey of the ecosystem on the mountain.

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