Social Studies – Economics

Social Studies – Economics

Grade Level:


Scope & Sequence:

US History (Pre-Colonial Period to Independence)


Understand the impact of the U.S. Government on the Spokane Tribe.


Play out the Allotments to people on Lot’s Reservation (Spokane Reservation)

Spokane Tribal Values

  • Land
  • Family
  • Enrollment
  • Home


  • Allotment
  • Distribution
  • Indian Agent

Lesson Plan

The teacher will:

Mock allotment (Actual Happened in 1908-1912)

Use Mihoko Patterson to explain the process of allotment in Japanese. Teacher will translate in English. – Transcript attached.

One Student will stand up at a time. There will be a discussion As to if this person “deserved” land. A “yes” or “no” would be discussed and decided.

Any land not allotted would become opened up to non-Indian settlement. Next lesson: Discuss the impact of allotments on Spokane Tribe. Review documents outlining the allotments. Discuss the impact of allotments for today’s tribal members.


  • Debrief will be used as assessment. Class discussion.


Students will have the opportunity to bring in copies of land allotment.

Materials Needed:

Document from Wilson about Tshimikin – warren

Documents of allotments – James


Mock Allotment – Debrief afterward with students about how they felt during the allotment. Discuss impact of translations. Confusion. The criteria for getting land or not.

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Community Resources

Mihoko Patterson – For facilitating Allotment in foreign language.

James, Warren for documents and map outlining allotment lands.

Lesson Assigned To:


Common Core Standards


Spokane Tribal Standards