5th Grade – Unit 3 Civics – Lesson 2

5th Grade – Unit 3 Civics – Lesson 2

Grade Level:


Scope & Sequence:



Outline the layers of tribal government and create an organizational chart of tribal government.


The students will be able to:

  • Create map showing branches of Spokane Tribal Government
  • Explain roles and responsibilities of each layer

Spokane Tribal Values




Branch  (of government)






Leader – Salish term

Lesson Plan

The teacher will:

  • Show pictures of tribal government in action (Spoko sign, Casino, Youth Program building, DNR workers in the field, Health and Human Services building/sign, Tribal police car, Tribal court room, etc.)
  • Draw a tree map labeling each layer of government on the Whiteboard. While adding each layer of government, explaining to students the role of each.  Explain and discuss with students that each of the parts of Spokane Tribal Government work together – for the membership – through the Tribal Council. The Tribal Council oversees the branches and is in charge of them. However, each branch is there to benefit the entire tribe. As is the Council. Overall, the branches of tribal government are there to designate functions in the Tribe. The Enterprise branch is for money profit. Their function is to bring in revenue for the entire tribe. The Programs branch is for the care of the people and land. Their function is to take care through health, wellness, etc. of the members and natural resources of the land. The Judicial branch is for the order and laws of the people and land. Their function is to enforce the laws. While each branch has their own duty and responsibility for the tribe, they do work together for the betterment of the people and land.
  • Give students a blank map of the Spokane Tribal Government branches
  • Using this map we will discuss and fill in the areas of Spokane Tribal Government
  •  Discuss with students current scenarios, they will tell you where to place that scenario within the branches of government and write it down on their own.
    • Summer Youth program – it provides camping, learning, activities for the youth. What branch would this fall under? (Programs)
    • Arby’s (connected to Spoko in Airway Heights) – it is a chain restaurant located on trust land – connected to Spoko gas station. What branch would this fall under? (Enterprise)
    • Spoko Gas Stations – located in Airway Heights, Wellpinit, Chewelah. What branch would this fall under? (Enterprise)
    • Paying a speeding ticket – This would happen in the courtroom, with the court clerk. What branch does this fall under? (Judicial)
    • Timber products – it provides logging, hauling logs, processing of timber. Sells the timber to companies. What branch does this fall under? (Enterprise)
  • Proceed in this process with 1 or 2 more examples, ask if students have any examples to add.
  • Review: The branches of Spokane Tribal Government work together, through the Tribal Council, for the betterment of the entire Spokane Tribe, and their lands.



  • Student responses on tree map.
  • Teacher shows pictures, symbols, etc. and students place on correct place on the tree map


Compare/Contrast Spokane Tribal Government with Spokane Tribal Government.

Materials Needed:


  • Pictures of current Spokane Tribal enterprises, programs, and judicial system


Create a tree map showing the layers and roles of Spokane Tribal Government/leadership

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Lesson Assigned To:

GLE: 1.2.1 and 1.2.2


Common Core Standards

Spokane Tribal Standards