5th Grade Pine Needle Basket Project

5th Grade Pine Needle Basket Project

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Scope & Sequence:

Culture: People, Places, & Environment, Families


Gather materials to create traditional Pine Needle basket during winter months

– Family/after school/community project


Gather pine needles to soak and freeze for Winter basket project

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Lesson Plan

The teacher will:

Introduce the lesson by inviting a community member to the class to instruct on how to weave a pine needle basket. The teacher and community member can co-teach around the process of gathering (not breaking needles, taking care of the land), purpose of basket (gathering) The basket was easy to make and there were lots of pine needles available for gathering.

The class can discuss what they would use a basket for in their family – remind students that it would be the traditional thing to give away their first basket.


Present the appropriate needles to show students what to look for when out gathering


Remind students the appropriate behavior for being respectful to the land when gathering.

– take only what you need, leave it as you found it, work together with the others gathering.


Gather needles (brown colored) in bags or baskets, make sure not to break the pine needles


Bring Pine needles back to class, soak them for close to 1hr, send them home in gallon bags to freeze.


  • Students bring baskets in a day or two after winter break.


  • Teach younger sibling to gather, and weave.
  • Create a “how to” video for others.

Materials Needed:

  • Class set of Gallon Ziplocks


Have students write down the process of this gathering and the instructions for making the basket.

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Community Resources

Possibly contact a community member to co-teach this lesson. He/She can help with the process of gathering and weaving.

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